Individual counseling

Rediscover yourself, overcome what's keeping you stuck, and create lasting change with holistic mental health support for anxiety, depression, and stress.

Counseling is available to Washington state clients only.

You're over it

Over feeling worried, restless, and anxious. Over the to-do list that never ends. Over feeling in over your head.

I work with incredible humans like you who appear to have it all together on the outside, but who struggle on the inside with feelings like inadequacy, shame, and overwhelm. You've likely been working pretty hard to keep it together, but lately it's beginning to feel less manageable and you're feeling stuck. It's taking a toll on other areas of your life such as your relationships, your work, or your health. Your sleep sucks, you've been having digestive issues, you're always tired, you're struggling with your relationships, it's hard to concentrate or focus, and you find yourself feeling anxious or down.

You're not alone – it is possible to overcome the overwhelm. As a fellow human being raising child human beings and navigating a complex world created by other human beings, I've been where you are and continue to do my own work toward growth and healing.

Starting counseling is a huge first step toward facing these struggles and creating a more balanced and authentic life for yourself. I know the mere thought of trying to find help can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to continue to suffer on your own.

I know you likely have spent a lot of time letting other's voices be heard, so holding space for your voice is of utmost importance to me. My aim is to create a safe space for you to feel, express, and process whatever is feeling most important or urgent to you.

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My approach to counseling

My approach to healing fosters change on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. I incorporate the latest research on the mind-body connection, nervous system regulation, belief systems and nutrition to guide people in discovering a better understanding of themselves, overcoming factors keeping them stuck, and creating sustainable coping strategies for the future.

I provide care that is trauma-informed, Attachment-based and draws primarily from Person-Centered Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Feminist Theory. I am a strong proponent of Health at Every Size (HAES), Body Acceptance and Neutrality, and Intuitive Eating.

I specialize in working primarily with female-identifying adults experiencing chronic guilt, shame, anxiety, alcohol use concerns and perfectionism.

I also have experience working with incredible individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent (especially Autism Spectrum, C-PTSD), and Disabled / Chronically Ill.

About me

Counseling will help you...

  • Gain a better understanding of the factors keeping you stuck.
  • Learn ways to calm your nervous system so the overwhelming things don't feel quite so overwhelming for quite so long.
  • Feel supported and heard.

What you can expect

We'll start with a free 15-minute consultation where we'll get to know each other a bit. I'll learn about why you're seeking support and we'll explore how I might help you. This is also a great opportunity for us to see if we both feel we'll be a good fit together.

The next step is to meet for a 75-minute intake session where we'll dive a bit deeper, exploring your main concern in more detail. I'll ask more questions about your background such as family history, cultural background, and medical history, and I'll also ask about your current functioning, like sleep, energy levels, and mood changes. This all helps me get a better picture of who you are and what factors make up your lived experience. Of course, if there is anything you are not comfortable sharing, that is absolutely okay and we will go at your pace.

After that, we'll meet either weekly or every other week, depending on your needs or preference. If a different cadence is needed, I'm happy to explore that with you as well. I tend to share a mindfulness exercise or two during session. This can help us co-regulate our nervous systems and demonstrate to you some tools that you may find useful for incorporating into your day-to-day.

Your investment

Please note that I cannot accept insurance today. Payment for sessions is due at time of service.

Introductory consultation

Let's connect for a quick introductory meeting. I'd love to learn more about your needs and how I might help.

15 minutes

Initial intake session

Our first session will focus on getting background information, laying the foundation, and setting expectations about our work together.

75 minutes

Standard counseling session

I recommend weekly sessions to maintain progress with your goals. Bi-weekly or monthly sessions are also possible.

50 minutes

Flexible counseling session

Sessions typically run 50 minutes. If you have different needs/availability, I'll be happy to explore other options.

Price varies
30-60 minutes

Sliding scale options are available
I offer a limited number of sliding scale slots based on income and other factors. Please contact me to discuss rates and current availability.

Please refer to my terms and conditions for details about my pricing and cancellation policy.

Let's get started...

Now that you're here, the hardest part is behind you. Let's take the next step together.

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